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Celiac disease

The problem of alimentary intolerances

Venchi is a company, which well knows the problems of intolerances. All the range of Venchi's products, excluding those of the cereal line and caramelised waffle, are completely gluten free. Sugar, cocoa, the sheets in torrone, the icing of marron glacès, the filling of pralines, do not contain in any way flours, starches that can compromise the naturalness of the product.

Something about Celiac disease

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, which is a proteic substance present in wheat, spelt, kamut, barley, triticale, but also aromas, thickening powders, emulsifying agents, which can be contaminated during the production phases. In Italy, this disease affects 1 in 100-150 inhabitants.

Those affected suffer damage to the villi (shortening and villous flattening) in the lamina propria and crypt regions of their intestines when they eat specific food-grain antigens.
Nowadays the only acceptable treatment for celiac disease is strict adherence to a 100% gluten-free diet for life. An adherence to a gluten-free diet can prevent almost all complications caused by the disease. A gluten-free diet means avoiding all products that contain wheat, rye and barley, or any of their derivatives and read carefully the labels of the products in the market. A diet without gluten is in fact the only therapy which guarantees a perfect health to the ones affected by these disease.

Sugarfree Calories

Venchi has been offering a complete range of sugarfree products sweetened with maltitol, a sweetener which comes from maltose and has a pleasant flavour, similar to sucrose. Maltititol acts against the metabolism of oral bacteria, which release acids causing caries and erosion of tooth enamel.

The usefulness of polyols, including maltitol, as alternatives to sugars and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene has been recognized worldwide.
The control of glucose, of lipids and of body-weight is one of the most important aspects for people suffering from diabetes. Maltitol is absorbed very slow by human body, that's why it can reduce the presence of glucose and assimilates a lower caloric value than sugar.

Its low caloric value (2,1 calories per gram compared to 4 calories of sugar) allows people to control their weight. We have to say that, as all other polyols, maltitol, if abused, can cause laxative effects: therefore it is advisable to consume no more than 100 g a day of this substance. Chocolate, if consumed in a proper way, is not only supplying us nutritional values, but can also be part of a healthy and balanced alimentation.