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Gelato and Calories

Ingredients and caloric Contents

From a nutritional point of view, Venchi Gelato has lower caloric contents compared to other (between 100 and 170 Kg each 100 gr., compared to more than 400 calories of a slice of cake, of a pizza, a filled biscuit, candies...) but presents interesting characteristics: about 55% water, 15-20% air, about 15% circa sugar, 3% to 5% fibres, from 6 to 11% fats, in the fruit based fats are 0%. The range of products offered by Venchi is divided in "composed ingredients" in powders and pastes.

Gelato Line

  • 32 cream based recipes, which require the use of milk or its derivates.(amaretto, biscuit, dolce di latte, coffee, white chocolate, chocolate, orange chocolate, spicy chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee chocolate, coconut, caramel cream, fior di panna, fruit Yoghurt, gianduia, liquorice, malaga, marron glacè, mascarpone, nocciola, pistacchio, cassata, tiramisù, vanilla cream, zabaglione, meringue, panna cotta, mint, torrone, yoghurt, cinnamon & ginger).
  • 3 recipes to produce all fresh fruits (4 season fruits, banana, fig, mango, persimmon).

Premium line

  • 9 different cream based recipes which require the use of milk or its derivate (white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, fior di panna, gianduja, hazelnuts, pistachio, vanilla, Florentine cream).
  • 3 recipes to produce all fresh fruits.

Technical products

  • The "Variegati" (stracciatella, choc-hazelnuts, coffee-coffee, white coconut, caramel, malaga, amarena).
  • Semifreddi (Prontomeringa)
  • Granite