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An Italian Tradition


From now on you can find one of the most famous Italian delicacies at Venchi's. For the first time in the market, a high quality product is paying the maximum attention to the naturalness of the ingredients. Venchi is exploring the old recipes of the Italian tradition, keeping the perfect harmony and balance of base ingredients, carefully selected to obtain the best product. In the continuous research of the total naturalness, Venchi has excluded the use of vegetables refined oils or hydrogenated fats, flavourings or synthetic additives.

Quick and Tasteful

All 40-flavour recipes of our range are different from each other according to the peculiarity of each flavour and pre-dosed, so as to simplify the operations of gelato production. The master Gelato maker has just to mix all our ingredients (pre-dosed) with the milk, the fresh cream, the fruits and/or the water in the quantities required in our recipes and proceed with the pasteurisation and batch freezing of the mixture. He can then use the spared time to promote the beauty and exclusivity of the flavours he has produced.